Thursday, May 20, 2010

From the annals of "Hell if I know"

I'm not even sure what to make of this. A website that lists all the great reasons your cat SHOULD be an outdoor cat, but that also lists all the dangers your cat will face while outside?
Ummmm, pardon my French, but


There's so much wrong (and only a few things right) with the website, I can only sit here and say, "Hand, meet forehead."
Click here.


Weedpicker Cheryl said...

HMMM, Are you sure that post isn't a bit tongue in cheek? After all look at the great benefits of an outdoor cat: Death, loss, tick and fleas. Hey, it is all swell!

Oh, and angry neighbors is an additional benefit I always enjoy!

My cat is very angry for being confined- especially when fledging are flying- but you know, he'll get over it.

Bring on the cat-nip and keep them stoned- til say, July.


Susan Gets Native said...

I had a hard time making any sense of it. Are they for it or against it? But anyway, if a site promotes outdoor cats even a LITTLE, it's a big no-no with me.

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